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(Send me your poetry or wordsss..I would love to read them & I might put them up on this page of my site if it flows that way..I'm in process of writing & collecting poetry/word flows for an eventuall book I desire to of many.. containing a mix of words & imagery..* )



Beats & Rythms from other dimensions carried beyond space-time peramiters..from other lives lived crystsllizing in essence ever more..dancing in dream-scape rivers..freedom chants..floods of light..dirty feet pounding earth child steps into the mother who carries us..hips gyrating to universal sounds in a moment carried on & beyond on a note from human to divine notions of wide open funky lovin' where freedom is really found..eyes wide open & barely able to contain this pulsation..shocking the senses into submission to a higher truth..talking fast of things unseen but known..firecrackers ignite in midnight black..cloak of velvet ignorance dripping heavy like old lovers unable to let go..fires of camphor designed to burn the ego..suceeding only in singeing the course least a fire has been started..the bonfire is on it's way..

igniting currents..seeking to channel prana shakti..I want to exchange goddesss tales..stories of lives lived hard & fast..swirling forth like fire breathers in the black oil of night..illuminating it for just a moment this existence..glimpses through torn notions of reality give us proof of more..of everything beyond something..Holding this eagle feather I wanna Fly from this built up perch into the spiral dance & beyond..coming out the other side naked to the eternal..clothed in the fabric of light..


Crystal Ball

You are a winter dark night

With mysterious flying flames..

You are a spring morning dressed in shining grass

the swallow in the hollow tree with a shallow song..

You are a melancholy mood

the orange in the blue

sitting in my white crystal ball..

You are hope & desperation

a white cloud turning into a Storm..

~written by my friend the witchy wise Jossee Andrei..artisan of sight deeper than the eyes can see who has since passed on to rejoin the cosmic collective*


I feel you in my belly though not even a trace of you is their..I see you wearing a bird mask with dark pink feathers & Kohl rimmed'r a seductress..unborn & already tempting the fates..your fingers are tickling my insides..long thin fingers like mine..searching for things in the dark..blowing smoke & dancing in the spirals she creates..becoming the sacred mists where form slips away & truth is revealed..I see you stepping into a strong face with determined eyes & an open heart..I hear you as rhythmic vibration & the pounding of your soft bare feet beating the drum of justice..cracking the concrete floor beneath..making way for warm red earth to spill open like a fresh wound..tender & pure..I see you running strong hands through this pulsing breath of life & contemplating healing..the dust stings your eyes but you keep dancing with focus unparalleled..peering beyond the edges ..between the worlds..Seeking connection~


Malachite masked movement

mind readers stretching out for miles

ladies in gold

pieceprofit for man made leases

stepping out of greed to cure the very seed you planted

new borns being born from stars

of our existance by manifesting love silence harmony

within shapeshifting stars

& beams of radiant light

tight beams & boxes freeing up space & waste

with compassion & ascension

divine tools beat drums & hums of our voices

let's go down with the earth & voive her choices

of what comes next let's ask her to take off this hex

& grow into the belly of our laughter

& heal our existing eyes sun into beams of moonlight gratitude

healing teams & potions & creams curing mass perception

receptions held to rise up into ourselves wells of abundance

carefully crafted stunts

Sacred numbers & letters to remember*

~written by my friend the magical miss Holly J Star

Sections like harmony
gifted shape shifted
light love beaming gorgeous
create fill space
heights and dimension
beyond recognition
to kiss the sky
of your dreams
float like
berries into homes with
no floors
only the love to hold
this creation
we birth
~Holly Star~*