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Heart of the universe
fountain of compassion
mountain of courage
everlasting presence of wisdom

Give us eyes to bear witness
to shine the light of attention on the dark
silent, secrets
the dishonor of overpower
the bright glare of tragic neglect
Give us voices to speak out
to dare the truth to be heard
leaving behind the fear
silence breeds
& the despair of lost hope..

Give us hearts that are strong
to envelop the world in a lifespring
of caring respect
Cast off the scarred insensitivity
of failure & pain
Inspire us, guide us, embrace us, enfold us..
Help us be lights..
Help us be whole..

*Inspiring Links* ( Michael of my favorite singers & visionary activist's ..awesome guy) (inspiring artist & Spiller extrordinaire) (alternative visionary seeds of peace sprinkling circus of inspiring proportions) (i took a workshop with this elvin amazing puppeteer & artisan & weaver of context ..very special experience) (great songstress & lovely friend & someone i collaborated with by creating the album cover art to one of her cd's entitled "Gravity" (the site of a gorgeouss girl that i'm happy to call friend)> site of the lovely photographer & friend..Rachel Brennecke..~

[email protected] Ursula Wing..many talented artist & friend..

(the birthchild of a magical woman named Meagan who creates events in Utrecht, NL..where you dance the eve away in the embrace of a soulfull space)