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~group show at the "Garage" as part of Juni Kunst Maand..

~"Wooster st. Gallery" NewYork

~"Lot 61" (club & alternative art space) NewYork

~"Yaso" (clothing boutique) NewYork

~"Mini-Mini Market"( art space & clothing boutique) Brooklyn,NY

~"Coulars" (clothing boutique) SanFrancisco

~"Molly B"(clothing boutique) Berkeley

~"OT301" "public space with a roof" Amsterdam

~"Het Voor-Beeld" Amsterdam

~"Out of the Blue" (voor-beeld kunst winkel) Amsterdam

~"Kunst(art) Safarri" at Willhelmina Gasthuis, Amsterdam

~"Het Voor-Beeld" show in Atelier 7 (part of Juni Kunst maand) Amsterdam

~"ABC Treehouse gallery" group show "Mass Art" Amsterdam

~"Witlov Gallery" Amsterdam

~"Cell Space" SanFrancisco

~"The Garage" "Irrigatie Groeneveld" group show Amsterdam

~"Open atelier route de Baarsjes" Amsterdam